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❀ About Us ❀

Juice Ceramics was founded in 2020 by Noah MacKenzie and Sasha Lute. Noah and Sasha met at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, where they studied fine art. Noah’s background is in painting, drawing and ceramics, while Sasha's is in photography, sculpture, and graphic design. They found a mutual love for ceramics in their small studio at Flagler, and have been making work together ever since. After graduating with their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, the two began Juice Ceramics with a 1992 Skutt kiln, now named Mona, a few tools, and one bag of clay. Above all, they value elements of nostalgia and storytelling within their practice. Juice is about producing contemporary homewares that are as refined and whimsical as they are useful and functional, whether it's tableware, jewelry, or clothing. Yeehaw